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High Power C Serum

High Power C Serum

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True to the name, a "high-power" Vitamin C formula packed with 15% L-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid for a silky application and optimal brightening power.  Known for its antioxidant and collagen-supporting properties, topically applied Vitamin C leads to visible improvements in skin texture, tone, and the overall evenness of pigment.

How to Use

After cleansing, allow skin to dry. Apply 2-3 drops directly to the face or palms of hands. Smooth serum over entire face and neck area using gentle circular motion. Gently press into skin until dry. Ideal for daytime use. Can be used AM and PM for maximum benefit.

Best For

All skin types. Intended to improve skin with dull and uneven complexion. Well suited for aging and mature skin types.

Key Ingredients

• 15% L-ascorbic acid: a highly potent form of Vitamin C that supports natural collagen and reduces the appearance of dark spots to visibly brighten skin, maintaining its youthful glow and complexion

• Sodium hyaluronate: helps skin to maintain its moisture levels and hydration

• Ferulic acid: a powerful, plant-derived antioxidant that stabilizes L-ascorbic acid in cosmetic formulas while also providing antioxidant skin benefits

• Tocopherol: organic compound with Vitamin E that supports the natural skin barrier and improves visible signs of aging

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