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Anti-Pigment Brightening Pads

Anti-Pigment Brightening Pads

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A go-to product for your skin brightening needs.  These pads use a unique, hydroquinone-free formula containing arbutin, kojic, and phytic acid.  The powder and liquid components are mixed freshly at home and poured over pads.  Daily use dramatically improves the appearance of dark spots and discolorations.

How to Use

To prepare:
• Pads are prepared fresh at home. Pour "Powder Additive" into the "Pad Solution" container, close the cap, and shake vigorously for one minute. Then, pour the entire solution into the container of dry pads. The pads are now soaked and ready to use.

To Use:
• After cleansing, allowing skin to dry. Use one pad daily or twice daily over the face and neck. Can use both sides of the pad for increased benefit.

Best For

Ideal for skin with dull complexion, unwanted pigment and dark spots, and an uneven appearance in tone and texture.

Key Ingredients

• 5% Kojic Acid (depigmenting agent): known for its skin-brightening properties, acts as a depigmenting agent to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation

• 8% Alpha Arbutin (brightening agent): helps reduce appearance of unwanted dark spots, promoting a more even skin tone

• Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): a potent antioxidant that supports collagen production and helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV light

• Phytic Acid (exfoliant): works as an exfoliant that promotes skin renewal and contributes to an improvement in overall skin texture

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